taemun (taemun) wrote,


Hello everyone~~

I just want to inform everyone that even though I haven't posted anything in a while, in no way have I given up on fanfics or fandom.^^ Rather on the contrary, now that I live in Korea I've had the chance to actually attend events and concerts and be even more involved with our dear DBSK ;;

I've been kinda busy starting my year here but as soon as I have time... And I hope that's soon because I've been itching to write again... I'll hopefully get the next chapter of Grass Fire finally up!

That being said, I'll take this occasion to boast about my awesome once-in-a-lifetime kind of luck which allowed me to attend Jaejoong's fansign event and show off my signed WWW album ;;

Jaejoong's sign

Having seen him up close, I can only say one thing: he's even more beautiful live than in photos o____o Never thought that'd be possible after all the photoshop but it is

Hope my next post will actually be smth fanfic-related! xD
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