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Grass Fire - Chapter 14

Title: Grass Fire
Pairing: YunJae
Length: 14/?
Genre: Historical AU, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Prostitution, Rape, Slavery
Disclaimer: Based on the graphic novel Habibi by Craig Thompson

Summary: Since the night he caught Yunho mid-air, Jaejoong has never once lost his fighting spirit. With nothing but an old family tree rug tied around his narrow chest and a slave mark burning on his bony shoulder, he sets out to the steppe, hand in hand with Yunho.

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | ~

The day Jaejoong wore the nomad men’s dress for the first time in his life was quite different from what he had imagined.Collapse )
Tags: ☂ title: grass fire, ♡ yunjae, ♫ fanfic, ❄ band: dbsk
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So Jaejoong has met Yoochun?

Now he is going to the city and one step closer to Yunho.
I wonder why the High King wants Jaejoong so much that he is willing to give up a political asset.

Now they are finally going to me in the same city they first met.
That's right~

Yes, YunJae are finally back to where they first met... and I guess it's not even a spoiler when I say where they are going to meet for the second time xD

As for the High King, I guess there could a million different reasons, or maybe there's no reason at all. Maybe he's just bored, rich as hell, and so powerful he can act according to his every whim xD

Thank you for reading~
Missed this story very much.

I was really happy that Jae got out of the harem but now to be sent to the High King ... That was sad.

Anyway, I'm excited anticipating Yunjae's reunion.

Baatar is Yoochun .... Had a hunch it would be but it still gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling finding out at last.
So glad you are still reading it!^^ Thank you!

Yeah, Jaejoong keeps having the saddest fate, but maybe this time something good will come out of it. In fact, in the enxt chapter already xD

Aww! Yes, it was Yoochun taking care of Jaejoong all this while :)
ooooooooooouuuuuhhhhhhh things are getting somewhere.. omoooo
I've missed your wonderful writings so much ;______;
things sure are getting somewhere hahahaha xDDD i promise things will progress a lot in the next chapter!!!

thanks for reading~~
Tq for updating... Thot this fic waz abandon...hopeful for yj reunion soon..
thank you for reading! and i don't really abandon stories, but sometimes writing is just not possible...
This was such an amazing the chapter, love love love the way you drew out not only jaejoong's emotions, but baatar's and nergui's as well. I was wondering who the "princess" mentioned in the previous chapter would be, and i'm glad you addressed that immediately to spare me the torment of waiting. I'm sorry for all the whining to you on twitter to update!
hehe, yeah i kinda thought these two should be upsated at the same time so people would know that the reunion is nearing :) thank you for reading!! and don't worry abt that xD not that i really remember you ever whining (i don't think you did), i know some writers are annoyed when peole ask them to update soon but i don't really mind it :)
Love this story! So sad that Jae has to leave Yoochun and his other friends, but he'll be closer to Yunho... can't wait.^^ I'm sure he looks beautiful all dressed up like that, but I hate that he has to keep changing his image to please his "masters". I hope things won't be too bad with the "High King"... I wonder what he wants Jae for. Thanks for the update!
Yeah Jae is getting nearer and nearer to Yunho~~~

And you're right about Jaejoong needing to constantly change his image to please other people :( Poor guy hasn't really ever had the chance to actually own his own body, to do what he wants... After such a long time, I'm not sure if he even knows what he wants himself anymore :(

Thank you for reading^^
;A; well, that was very unfortunate for jae. He was starting his life as a,'free' man then took it away from him in an instant. In a positive light I wish that they'll finally meet in the southern capital!
Yeah, Jaejoong had definitely though he'd found a new, freer way of life... but no such luck. sigh

Fortunately this time, there's a good side at being dragged to the other side of the continent again! ;D

Thank you for reading!^^
the long long looooooooooooong awaited reunion......
.....shall be coming up in the next chapter xD Thanks for reading~~
I'm so glad you're back!

It makes me really happy how Yunho got a better place to live and when they announced the visit of that mysterious nomad princess I was sure it can't be anybody else but Jaejoong!

And seeing Jae living as man away from the harem finally, sharing tent with Baatar was so heart-warming!
Despite he felt betrayed that he had to wear female attire again even if he already proved he has place in men's world too was a little bit disappointing but than he realized it's a chance to meet his Yunho again, the destination of his journey will be the same place where they first met years ago so with luck it can happen again and also Baatar's encouraging words about the honour to be the person sent in place of the chief's son made the whole situation less painful.

I can't wait for the reunion of YunJae, now thinking about it the fact Yunho knows this side of Jae wearing female clothes will probably make him even easier to recognize the other than seeing him again after years of absence wearing the officer's uniform he started to get used as the Grand Chief's scribe...
I'm glad to be back too^^

Hehe you were right! The rumoured "princess" is most definitely Jaejoong... Which means... reunion s near ;D In fact I will promise you that it shall happen in the next chapter \o// And wow, I never thought about it like that, but it's true, Yunho has mostly seen Jaejoong in female clothing, since he used to dress like that in steppe too. So seeing Jaejoong in one, even with a bit more gold on him than what Yunho has ever seen, for sure will not throw him off :D Whereas a uniform might have.

Yeah, Jaejoong was kind of fed up with just being a pawn in someone else's game, he really wanted to take matters in to his own hands... But then in the end, although he did build up a fair amount of sense of self-worth while being the scribe, he's not the guy with the most belief in himself (despite being a fighter...after all, he's always been fighting for Yunho, not himself). But the thought of possibly finding Yunho again will definitely make him keep swimming for a long time still :)

Thank you for reading!!^^


4 years ago


4 years ago

2 chapters in a row. 2 CHAPTERS IN A ROW! I'm a in Heaven?
I was waiting for your update for so looooong. I'm so happy and relieved right now. T_T
These two chapters were so good. I'm sure I'm gonna cry when YunJae will meet again!
I can't wait to read the next chapter. >.<

Thank you so much for updating <3
Awww I feel a bit bad to make you wait for so long... But I'm glad you liked the chapters! And I promise the long-awaited reunion is near... right in the next chapter. ;D

Thank you so much for reading!^^ Hope I'll be able to get them chapters out a bit faster from now on^^;
Oh my god, I can't wait until they meet up again!
And I'm so glad you updated
it made me very very happy to have something to read when everyone else was doing thanksgiving stuff and I was not in the mood!

oh and YOOCHUN :)


4 years ago

False sense of security it is. Or maybe it is God's play to bring you closer to what you desire the most. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Or maybe both... :D

Thank you for reading!^^
I just love this story, found it the other day and could not stop before I had read all the chapters. Loved the way you wrote their struggle for survival, the way they fought to keep each other safe and the heartache they both felt trough out the years when they lost each other to the circumstances beyond their control. Now I have mixed feeling on one hand I can hardly wait for the next chapter because it will mean they will get to see each other once more but on the other hand won’t this meeting bring more pain and suffering upon them, either way I will count the days until the next update.
Aww, thank you for your nice words ;; I'm actually glad you could read it at once like that, I had pauses too long between updating so finding it now is much better xD

Yes, they will see each other in the next chapter... we'll see how it plays out :)

Thank you for reading!^^
Wonderful knowing that Yunjae will be meeting soon but still feel scared for Jae as we have no idea what the High King wants him for...another concubine.

If it is, then how is Yunjae going to end up together...mmm.....wondering how our dear writer is going to write about this problem.
Hmm, yeah, the High King... Well, his intentions are going to be made clear quite soon.

As for how YunJae will end up together, the High King might end up being of some help on that matter...well I guess that depends on how you want to look at it.

Thank you for reading^^
Oh you make my heart weep bitter tears I say!!! But hell, I KNEW Bataar was yoochun, somehow, even though the name was different! I couldn't help but think that he must be yoochun *squeels* Ah, I wish someone could illustrate the way jaejoong looks in all that gold *_*
He must be soooo yummy looking *dreams*
I am assuming that yunjae will finally meet again in the next installment? Yeah?
Oooooh I can't wait! I'm supposed to be studying right now but I couldn't wait any longer. I NEEDED to read this.
How long do you think Grass Fire is going to be? I'm eagerly awaiting the next update. Biting my nails here in this torturous wait!!!
Mwah!! <3
Hehehehe yes it was Yoochun!!! I'm glad you could guess, I was trying to make it kind obvious :'D And damn I would definitely not say no to that *-* Now please find me someone who can draw... I want Jaejoong in jewellery ;;;;

Yes, they shall meet :D Indeed they shall :DD

Who cares about studying??? I have a deadline today, tomorrow and one of Friday too but oh wells.... asnwering comments is much more fun 8D

How long? Well, hmmm, I think around 20 chapters probably. Not that long^^;

Thank you for reading^^
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